Dr. Stanley Hobish

Story of the Wizard of Is

Long, long ago, before the beginning of time there lived an exquisitely beautiful Princess. Her name was Sophia. Her grandfather, the Good King Humble, ruler of the Kingdom of Is, loved her very much. He gave her everything a little girl could possibly want – everything you could imagine and even things you could not imagine. For example: she had dolls to play with that were as real as other children, a tricycle that could fly, a pony that could talk, and a doll house as big as a castle with forty rooms to play in.

Yet something was terribly wrong. Princess Sophie as she was affectionately called by her grandfather, was miserable. She cried constantly. Her tears caused all who were with her to cry also – her friends her parents, her dolls, and yes her pony too.

When Good King Humble heard about it, he came rushing to her. He swept her up in his arms and said, “For Heaven’s sake Sophie, what is wrong? Is there something I haven’t given you? Please tell me as I cannot bear for you, whom I love more than life itself, to be unhappy.”

Sophie stopped the torrent of tears just long enough to blurt out, sobbing “I am bored.”

Good King Humble scratched his head, stroked his beard, and said wisely, “This looks like a problem for the Wizard of Is.” So he called his willing servants to make preparations for the journey to see the Wizard, who lives beyond time.

They harnessed the four horses; Lichten, Sounden, Namen, and Nectar, to the chariot Verity that would carry the King and his beloved Princess to their destination beyond time.

The very idea of going to see the Wizard made Sophie stop crying momentarily, and she and her Grandpa sang:


Lets go to the mountain
To see the Wizard of Is.
The Wizard is here,
The Wizard is now
The Wizard is living
Right under my brow.
So lets go see the Wizard
The wonderful Wizard of Is.

When the four horses,Lichten, Sounden, Namen and Nectar with the chariot Verity that carried King Humble and Princess Sophie reached the Narrow Gate – the Gate flew open to the sound of bells and trumpets, announcing their arrival to the Wizard who loved them dearly – even more if possible than Humble loved his grandchild.

The four horses,Lichten, Sounden, Namen, and Nectar then carried the chariot Verity with its passengers to the center of the Kingdom where the diamond encrusted throne was located with the Wizard himself sitting upon it.

After presenting the gift of the Humble Heart to the Wizard, the good King Humble asked for the Wizard’s help for his grandchild.

The Wizard smiled knowingly at Sophie and said, “Yes, I can help you by giving you two magic words. But I will not give them to you for I fear you will not use them.”

Sophie was very disappointed, as you can well imagine after her long journey. Now her hopes seemed dashed forever. “Oh PLEASE Wizard, please tell me the magic words that can cure my boredom. My heart is broken, I faithfully promise to do as you say. I WILL use the magic words, if only you would give them to me.”

The Wizard started to relent, then he stopped again and said, “How can I be sure you mean what you say?”

Sophie then remembered what her grandfather did. She too reached deep inside herself and gave her Humble Heart to the Wizard.

He then said, ” Now I know you are sincere, and I will tell you the magic words. They are . . . . are you ready for this?”

“Yes, Yes,” cried Sophie. “Yes, Yes!”

“They are . . . .


Sophie seemed quite confused, as you can well imagine.

She asked, “Does that mean I must say GoodBye to everything?”

“Everything”, said the Wizard.

“Even the things I love?”

“Especially the things you love”, said the Wizard. “Let me show you.”

He then summoned his beloved Katy, the giant green caterpillar who placed its head at the Wizard’s feet.

He said lovingly, “Good Bye Katy.” Lo and Behold the giant caterpillar was transformed into a magnificent multicolored breathtakingly beautiful butterfly.

Whereupon King Humble and Sophie said Good Bye to the Wizard and found themselves transported by Lichten, Sounden, Namen and Nectar and the chariot Verity back to the Kingdom of Is.

Sophie said Good Bye to everything and everyone she loved dearly and to her delight they were quickly replaced by things even more wonderful than even Katy the butterfly.

Finally she said Good Bye to boredom and lived happily ever after.

And so children………

Good Night and Good Bye!



  1. Great story, Stan.
    Only those with The Gift will get all the nuances. I’ve called The Master The Wizard of Is for several decades – in fact we used to sing: “We’re off to see the wizard, The wonderful Wizard of Us…” On the way to programs wherever they were with Pete and Nancy and Monica now. I’m sorry that that moniker was taken quite a while ago, and I won’t give it up.

    • Hi David

      I wrote that story for my grandchildren over 20 years ago and they still love it. You are so right that the allegory is probably missed by those without THE


    • Hi! stan,
      what would the wizard say?

      my name is kyoshi, the reiki master, when I lived in Massapequa you and Charles montenero ask me to come on your radio show to speak of REI-KI, and the martial arts, and relationship between the too of them. Well, now I need the wizard to speak to me.

      To let me know what to do to see again?
      I will waite for your answer wizard speak to me please.

      Thank you
      Stephen Piccone

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