Dr. Stanley Hobish


In 5th dimension is reality, Albert Einstein, Discrimination is not judgment, DIVINE BEING, Fifth Dimension Reality on November 27, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Judgment is an attitude devoid of gratitude.

Judgment interferes with Divine experience.

Judgment of others results in separation.

Judgment interferes with Reality.

In Reality, judgment is impossible.

There is no such thing as good judgment.

Discrimination is not judgment.

Discrimination is Knowledge of the Real as opposed to illusion.

Only the NOW is Real. Past and future are illusions.

Judgment is based upon the past.

Judgment is a substitute for discrimination.

Discrimination is the Knowledge of your Divine Self.

Discrimination is the recognition of the 5th dimension of Reality.

The 5th dimension is the unified field sought by Albert Einstien

The 5th dimension is the NOW.



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