Dr. Stanley Hobish


In Spirituality on June 25, 2011 at 2:13 pm

If you choose to be healed, you are healed.

If you want to be healed, you are sick.

Healing waits not on time, but on welcome.

All healing comes from the Divine Being that you are.

All sickness comes from choosing the ego mind as your master.

Ego mind tells you that you have no choice.

Divine Mind reminds you that you do indeed have a choice.

Ego mind is evil.

Devine Mind is good.

Ego is the mask that conceals the Divine You.

Remove the mask and say, ” I know you, you’re just like me. ”




  1. Hey Stan…I have another question for the Wizard. Can you clarify the difference between “wanting” and “choosing”? From my understanding, “wanting” something is a statement of lack, so that pushes it away from you. Am I correct in saying that?


  2. Also, I’d still love to show you some more social media ideas to promote the blog, if you like.

  3. Thank you for your answer, Wizard! It was perfectly clear! As for you, Stan, I would recommend joining some other social media sites, like Digg.com, Twitter (of course), Hi5, and even YouTube. If you already have a Twitter account, let’s say, then definitely use it to your full advantage. Try to find other Twitter users with similar interests (spirituality, A Course in Miracles, Prem Rawat, peace, etc.). Then, in addition to tweeting your own blog posts, also tweet ones that are in a similar vein, that you feel are portraying the same message. If I were asking the Wizard of Is about this, I might ask Him, “Wizard, show me the best path to get your message out to the masses online, without targeting it to the wrong audience.” But of course, you might ask in a completely different manner!

    As for using YouTube, you might use that in a similar way to how your radio show operates. You can start by explaining Who the Wizard of Is is, and what His message is. Then, you might want to do it in a similar format to how you did your book, by asking questions…although you may need to clarify for your audience just how this works. I may be different from quite a few Internet users, as I know exactly where the Wizard is coming from…but it always helps to know your audience.

    And also, one thing to remember about sites like YouTube is that you are opening yourself to criticism and questioning, but as I’m sure you know, the Wizard would have an answer for that, too! If you have further questions or need help setting up any of these accounts, let me know by e-mail! I hope the Wizard can work through me as well! 🙂

    • Dear Eric,

      As you well know., I’ve been on the planet 86 years, and yet the Wizard that I AM and you yourself are is ageless. My grandson Ted has been most helpful in setting me up with WordPress. I could never have done it myself. Perhaps my memory banks are full. I absolutely need your help with twitter, You Tube etc. to get The Wizard out there.
      I don’t think I’m even using Facebook effectively. I don’t know how to get started with Twitter or You Tube.

      I f you will notice, I now avoid using the word God in my posts. I now refer to The Divine Being that you are and I AM. It seems to work better. What do you think.?

  4. I have noticed that you avoid using the word God (and have replaced that with The Divine Being that you are and IAM), or have used other metaphors. I have seen how the name “God” (or any variations thereof, such as Allah, Jehovah, etc.) can confuse and sometimes alienate people. Yet the Wizard, while He/She may be the same being, is much more universal and does not cater to any one particular religion or culture. So yes, that makes perfect sense! When I have a chance, I’ll communicate more to try and help you get started on Twitter and some of these other networks.

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