Dr. Stanley Hobish


In Spirituality on May 27, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Time is existence itself.

Everything exists in Time.

Time is the Eternal Now.

All change takes place in Time.

The God That I AM lives in Time.

Time is life.

Time is Love.

Time is the Holy One.

There is no Time for ego.

There is no Time for misery.

To be out of Time is to die.

The Eternal Now is immortality

Time is the here and now.

Time heals all wounds.

Time is the Healer. Healing takes place in Time.

Miracles take place just in Time.

Clocks do not keep or measure Time.

Time is immeasurable.

Itis always Time to learn.

Happiness can only be found in Time

Time is governed by The God That You Are and I AM.

Time can never stand still. It is always creating.

Time is a precious gift. Do not waste it. Killing Time is wasting it.

In Time there is nothing man cannot accomplish.

There are no good times or bad times. There is just Time.

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