Dr. Stanley Hobish


In Spirituality on April 12, 2011 at 12:01 am

Your body is the Word made flesh.

The Mystic Sound of Ha Shem is the Word of God.

Meditation on the Mystic Sound and it’s meaning is Self Realization.

Self Realization heals the body.

” My face is your face
My voice is your voice
My body is your body
You are The God That I AM”

THE God That I AM lives in the heaven that is here and now.

The God That I AM sees, hears, and speaks no evil.

The world you see is a world of thoughts.

Thoughts are things that vibrate faster than the speed of light.

When the vibration of a thought slows down the thought becomes form.

Change the thought and the form changes.

The God That You Are is the thinker of the thought.

I, The Wizard of Is , am the God That You Are.

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